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A Brief History

     The Broad Channel Historical Society was founded in 1994. Our mission is to document and preserve the history of Broad Channel, often referred to as the “Venice” of New York. The committee was initiated by then President of the Civic Association Danny Mundy, who came up with the idea from reading the “Glimpse of the Past” column in the town newsletter, “Channel News.” With seed money from then New York State Senator Ada Smith, we purchased loose-leaf notebooks and plastic sleeves to begin documenting the colorful history of “The Channel.” After one year of articles, written memories, and videotaped interviews, we held our first Annual Historical Day in June of 1995. This event brings out the townspeople and folks from the surrounding area to enjoy our collection, usually housed in the Broad Channel Public Library. Our collection always grows after Historical Day as more residents bring interesting memorabilia to light.

     The Queens Borough Public Library has been a great help to the work of the committee. It not only provides a home for our collection but also microfilmed our collection in 1997. The microfilm is available for viewing at the Central Branch in Jamaica, Queens. Also in 1997, we published our first annual Historical Calendar. With pictures and data, including current tidal and lunar information, the calendars have “sold like hotcakes.”

     We have also received funding from New York State Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer and State Senator Shirley Huntley. The funds were used to purchase items for displaying our collection and for the production of a brochure.

What We Do
  • Collect historical pictures and documents about Broad Channel and exhibit such in our public library for all to enjoy
  • Videotape resident’s memories of life in Broad Channel.
  • Hold a Historical Day.
  • Publish an annual Historical Calendar.

Members of the Historical Committee:
  • Dorothy Fraher
  • Dan Guarino
  • Frank Henglein
  • Charlie Lehr
  • John McCambridge, Jr.
  • Danny Mundy
  • Mary O'Connell
  • Barbara Toborg
  • Jane Mary Tubridy
  • Joe Young
  • Judy Zack