Broad Channel Historical Society
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     What You Can Do

Visit the Broad Channel library and enjoy the Historical Collection.

Share your memories with us, including pictures and other documents.
(We will duplicate your material and return originals to you.) Volunteer to be videotaped!

Encourage relatives to share their memorabilia with us.

Attend Historical Day.

Purchase our Historical Calendars.

Front cover of the 2017 Broad Channel Historical Society Calendar.

Click image for larger view.

To purchase a Historical Calendar, please send $5.00 plus $2.30 postage for each calendar to the address below.

Help support the Broad Channel Historical Society. Your donation means a lot to us. With your donation, we can purchase materials, such as binders and plastic sleeves, to preserve the collection. Additional costs include duplication of photos and other material. We can also build up a reserve fund to purchase display cases and other items that will be needed when we get a permanent space of our own, such as in a Broad Channel Community Center.

All donations are tax deductible.

Mail you check or money order to:

Broad Channel Historical Society
c/o Barbara Toborg
17 E. 6th Road
Broad Channel, NY 11693

If you would like to be enrolled in the Broad Channel Civic Association, please send $5.00 to:

Broad Channel Civic Association
c/o Barbara Toborg
17 E. 6th Road
Broad Channel, NY 11693

The Historical Society is a committee of the Broad Channel Civic Association.