Pictures that did not make this year's calendar

								the Irene H motorboat of the Housmanns stuck in ice with sled in forground, circa 1933. Boat decorated with many flags, full of celebrating people
Supercool car standing in front of bungalow, circa 1930s Joisting boys on Mardi Gras display, circa 2020
Joyous boys hanging flags for Mardi Gras. Raisins in training on a Mardi Gras float, with many balloons.

DVDs you can borrow

  • 1982 Broad Channel Land Sale & Deed Ceremony with Mayor Ed Koch
  • 1985 Video of Broad Channel by Global Village
  • 1986 Interview with Joe Carey
  • 2014 Interview with George Kraemer
  • 1994 Tribute to former City Councilman Walter Ward
  • 1996 Broad Channel Historical Day
  • 1997 Broad Channel Historical Day
  • 2008 Broad Channel Historical Day
  • 2002 Other Islands of NY (Channel 13 Program)
  • 2013 Secrets of New York: Secret Islands
  • Discussion of Broad Channel Land Sale (4 discs)
  • 2010 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Broad Channel Episode)
  • Broad Channel Athletic Club (BCAC) Football 1960’s
  • BCAC 1961-97
  • BCAC 50th Anniversary Dinner Dance 2011
  • 100th Anniversary of St. Virgilius Parish
  • PS 47 Student Interviews on Storms in Broad Channel
  • “Oz” 2000
  • “Puttin’ on the Hits” 2000, 2002, 2004
  • “Anything Goes” 2000 (2 discs)
  • “Yesteryear Café”

Much of the Broad Channel Historical Collection is located in the Broad Channel Public Library, 16-26 Cross Bay Blvd., in Broad Channel;

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