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1879In August, construction began on railroad across Jamaica Bay.
1880On August 26, train service began across Jamaica Bay by New York, Woodhaven and Rockaway Beach Railroad.
1881In June, Broad Channel became a stop on the railroad.
1886In August, New York, Woodhaven & Rockaway Beach Railroad sold to Long Island Railroad.
1888In July, The Raunt became a stop on the railroad.
1894On November 28, Iroquois Yacht Club organized.
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1900?Broad Channel Volunteers established.
1901Anabas Boat Club organized.
1903Crossbay Boulevard half completed to Broad Channel but stopped by injunction.
1904Long Island Railroad leased Ocean Electric trolley line.
1905LIRR electrifies Brooklyn to Rockaway Beach line; Egg Harbor Yacht Club built.
1908Spork's boardwalk built (6th Road); Broad Channel Volunteer Fire House completed; Dorscht Lodge Yacht Club leases from NYC.
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1910On July 30, Mid-Summer Festival held by Volunteer Fire Association.
1911On June 10, Volunteer Fire Association held a Summer Night's Reception at Hoob's Pavilion.
1912?First Mardi Gras held by BC Volunteers.
1912On August 20, Eugene Powers born, first child born in Broad Channel.
1914On June 15, Iroquois Yacht Club incorporated at East 12th and Church Roads.
On July 4, first St. Virgilius Mission Church dedicated.
1915On May 1, Pierre Noel of Broad Channel Corporation leased land from NYC.
Boulevard Avenue (current Crossbay Blvd.) cinder covered.
1916Open air moviedrome built by Marcel Peysson on west side of Blvd. between 9th and 10th Roads.
Sunday School classes held in moviedrome prior to building of Christ Presbyterian Church.
720 foot well dug by Broad Channel Corporation at Shad Creek & 9th Roads.
On April 1, sand pumped by Broad Channel Corporation to fill in land on east side of town.
1917On May 21, Pierre Noel assigned land lease to Broad Channel Corporation.
1918Dance hall floated by barge to Broad Channel from Goose Creek for P.S. 47.
1919German Club Built (?); Prohibition enacted.
On July 4, Shad Creek Association dedicated their new club house and welcomed home the members who served in World War I.
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1920Christ Presbyterian Church built; O'Sullivans Pharmacy established; Electric power plant installed; P.S. 47 opened in September.
1921Civic Association established; Shellfishing industry closed in Jamaica Bay because of pollution.
1922On March 22, Women's Regular Democratic Club started by Mary E. Driver.
1923On June 30, Summernight's Festival held by Oriole Club at William Kuhn's Hotel.
On August 22, First Annual Ball of Broad Channel Ice Handlers held at Queen's Capitol: admission 25 cents.
On August 24, cabaret and dance of the Anchor Club at Queen's Capitol.
1924On January 1, Charles Steinhauer appointed Clerk of 5th District Municipal Court; North Channel Bridge built.
1924—25?Crossbay Blvd. paved with cobblestones; extended to 1st Road.
19254 Lane Automobile Drawbridge to Rockaway opened.
On April 7, Broad Channel Corporation mailed notices to remind residents that rents were due May 1.
On April 30, C.A. King paid $14 water rent on Block 20, Lot 9.
On May 4, Arthur Wolfert Brooks consecrated Bishop at Christ Presbyterian Church.
On May 27, "Kolmel Indians" Incorporated; was a sport club sponsored by the hotel.
? Crossbay Blvd. completed to bridge.
On June 13, Democratic Clubhouse opened.
1926Sisters of St. Francis come to Broad Channel.
On April 3, Mrs. Eisenhauer rented P.O. Box 77 from post office in Colberg's Hardware Store; Postmaster was W.R. Kase.
1927On April 27, Christ Presbyterian Church By-The-Sea was incorporated.
On May 28, Broad Channel Baths had season's opening day.
On June 24, St. Virgilius School had its first graduation.
On November 28, Rev. B.L. Armstrong became pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church By-the-Sea.
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mid 1930's?Crossbay Boulevard widened.
1930?Airfield at 1st Road; Meyer Weiss opened roadside snack stand.
1931On July 15, Boy Scout Troop #138 started by Mr. & Mrs. Louis Miller.
On December 19, Colberg Hardware Store burned.
1932Colberg Hardware Store rebuilt on Boulevard.
On January 25, Virgilian Players present "A Prince There Was".
On January 26, Barn Dance sponsored by Blessed Virgin Sodality at St. Virgilius Social Center: Rose Fay, Chairlady.
On January 27, Women's Regular Democratic Club held a "lavish" card party at Clubhouse; Lillian Barrow, Chairwoman.
On February 6, playground opened on 6th Road.
On February 13, Republican Club held a dance.
Circle of Foresters #1447 founded; on March 9 they had a card party.
On March 12, Channel Club staged a minstrel show.
On March 15, renovated Parish Hall of Christ Presbyterian Church By-The-Sea opened.
On April 7, A & P opened on Crossbay Blvd.
On April 13, Ladies Aid Society held a euchre party at the new parish hall of Christ Presbyterian Church.
On April 23, St. Virgilius Altar Society held a card party at the Democratic Club.
On May 14, Broad Channel Steuben Society invited to march in beer parade by Mayor Jimmy Walker.
On November 1, a tornado hit.
1933Nut Club organized by Joe Carey and Vincent Miller on January 3.
1934Republican Clubhouse burned.
1935On Jan. 29, Broad Channel Red Cross Auxiliary organized by Mrs. Robert Beiersdorfer.
1936On December 12, Eugene D. Powers announced his law practice at 738 Crossbay Blvd.
1937In May, James Hudson, member of St. Virgilius School's first graduating class, said his first Mass at St. Virgilius Church.
On September 27, the Democratic Club burned the mortgage on their clubhouse.
1938Smitty's Boat Rental Opened.
On September 21, The Great Hurricane.
1939Broad Channel Corporation lease recaptured by City after 17 years of litigation.
State Legislature passed law permitting NYC to sell land to Broad Channel residents.
On June 3 ten cent toll placed on Crossbay Parkway Bridge to Rockaway when span widened to 6 lanes by Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.
On October 2, Broad Channel Corporation leases taken over by New York City.
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1940John Gaynor cited by Long Island Daily Press as outstanding athlete of Queens County.
Sand Bar Restaurant opened by Bill Van Brunt.
On April 3, at the Board of Estimate Hearing, interests of Broad Channel were represented by Fr. George B. Murphy of St. Virgilius Church and by Bishop Arthur W. Brooks of Christ Presbyterian Church.
On April 4, Fred Nussberger won 1st prizes for "Best Collection of Minerals" and for "Most Effective Display" at the Hobby Exhibit of the Queens Central YMCA.
On May 10, Bob Beiersdorfer resigned as manager of Broad Channel Corporation.
On May 20, Broad Channel Red Cross Auxiliary ordered to have a house-to-house collection for War Relief Fund.
On May 26, Broad Channel Bathing Park hosted a professional tennis match between Don Budge and John Nogrady.
1941Broad Channel Air Wardens organized as Sector 12.
On October 19, Justice Lockwood awarded property owners $149,621 to compensate for land and buildings taken to widen Crossbay Blvd.
1942On March 2, Broad Channel Fire Department Emergency Corps organized.
On March 12, St. Virgilius Holy Name Society held "Irish Night" at Moran's Hotel.
1944On April 15, Fr. Maurice Rochford appointed Pastor of St. Virgilius Church.
On May 11, 800 residents marched on City hall; Board of Estimate defeats proposal to cancel leases in 1948.
Honor Roll erected at Noel Rd. and Crossbay Blvd.
On September 14, a hurricane (were not named then).
1945On May 1, the Broad Channel Auxiliary of Rockaway Beach Hospital was organized by Mary Claus.
On May 7, Victory in Europe (VE) Day.
On June 30, O'Hagen's Hall destroyed by fire.
On August 15, Victory in Japan (VJ) Day.
On September 26, Broad Channel Branch of the American Red Cross celebrated end of WWII with Victory Dinner.
On October 5, first edition of "The Record" published: Eugene Powers, editor and publisher.
On November 14, Air Wardens disbanded.
On December 8, St. Virgilius Parish Hall opened.
On December 11, Broad Channel American Legion Post held its first meeting in the Democratic Club.
1946Proposal to fill in canals voted down by residents.
Tugboat strike.
Chambers of Commerce organized.
On February 3, minor fire on LIRR trestle north of town.
On February 12, Vincent M. O'Reilly elected first commander of American Legion Post.
On February 18, Maria's School of Dance opened.
On February 22, St. Virgilius Holy Name Society Boxing Carnival.
On February 23, Devine's Bar & Grill opened.
On March 5, Nut Club reorganized.
On March 27, briefcase of stolen war bonds found by children in the marsh.
On April 3, Weiss Restaurant re-opened.
On April 11, American Legion received charter as Post #1404.
On April 16, Eugene Powers withdrew his plan to buy Broad Channel.
On June 22, Fr. Jeremiah Davidson of St. Virgilius Church celebrated 35 years of priesthood.
On August 14, Weiss Restaurant bought jumbo crabs from Maryland for $3.25 per dozen.
On September 7, Mrs. Phoebe Wernesbach elected President of Ladies Aid Society of Christ Presbyterian Church.
On October 16, a 4 day bazaar was begun by Christ Presbyterian Church.
On October 24, American Legion Post #1404 installed officers.
On October 26, Circle of Foresters installed officers at their meeting in the Democratic Club.
On October 29, the Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion was organized; Anne Sandmen, first president.
On November 7, Broad Channel Red Cross Auxiliary elected officers.
On November 10, a football game was scheduled between the Nut Club and the Rockaway Barnacles at Riis Park.
1947Inoculation against smallpox organized by Red Cross Auxiliary.
Frank Murray installed as President of Civic Association on January 21.
On June 10, Boy Scout Troop #282 started by Owen Devine; sponsored by St. Virgilius Church.
On Labor Day, American Legion ran the first Mardi Gras since the Volunteers stopped (during the war?).
1948Broad Channel Scout News wins 1st prize as best scout paper in borough.
On February 29, James McAleese appointed Skipper of Sea Scouts.
On June 17, land assigned to NYC Department of Parks for Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.
On July 25, 1st Cub Scout Field Day for Pack #282 held at Broad Channel Day Camp.
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1950On June 29, World Friendship Flag presented at Boy Scout Jamboree.
1951American Scout Banner displayed; Broad Channel Fire Department reorganized.
1952On July 4, American Legion held a bazaar.
1953Railroad Trestle burns for last time.
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge established by NYC Department of Parks, Herbert Johnson appointed first superintendent.
On April 30, the first meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Volunteer Fire Department was held.
On September 2, Coronation Ball at St. Virgilius Parish Hall.
1954On August 31, Hurricane Carol.
On October 15, all residents had to leave The Raunt.
1955On May 1, ground was broken for American Legion Hall; completed in September.
On May 26, Judith Ott won an essay contest and received a $25 savings bond.
On Labor Day, June and Jim Claire were crowned King & Queen of the Mardi Gras. Fred Ott and Carol Roth crowned Prince & Princess.
On November 1, Rev. B. L. Armstrong became pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church.
On November 5, the American Legion installed officers and dedicated its new hall.
On December 18, American Legion hosted a Christmas party for 600 children.
1956On March 22, ground broken for new P.S. 47.
On April 9, Frank George won $25 savings bond in Poppy Poster contest.
On June 10, Iroquois Yacht Club had its 61st Annual Opening.
On June 28, subway opened across Jamaica Bay from Rockaway Blvd. to Rockaway Park; train driven by resident, Joe Carey.
On October 27, American Legion held a Halloween Dance.
1957Broad Channel hosted 4th Conference of Volunteer Firemen's Association of New York.
On May 6th new P.S. 47 opened.
On June 15, Volunteers celebrated Golden Anniversary.
On July 22, Flying Tiger DC6A safely crash landed on sandbar at 1st road.
On September 29, Annual Outing of Hen Johnson's Tavern; held at Krucher's Grove.
1958On March 6, Judge Shapiro donated ambulance to volunteers.
1959On January 2, Sisters at St. Virgilius presented with a new station wagon.
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1961On September 22, Monday Night Bowling League started at Crossbay Lanes.
1962On March 1, American Airlines plane crashed in Pumpkin Patch Channel in Jamaica Bay; 95 killed; temporary morgue set up in American Legion Hall.
On March 15, Broad Channel Athletic Club incorporated.
1964On March 1, Farewell Dinner for Reverend Ralph Johnson, Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church-By-The Sea.
On May 24, a Communion Breakfast was hosted by St. Virgilius Women's Societies; held at Weiss'.
1965On November 15, plans were drawn for a new convent for nuns at St. Virgilius.
1967Rumors circulating that polluted waters of the bay have caused an outbreak of infectious hepatitis.
Port Authority proposes to extend JFK runways.
On May 9, Operation Cleanup was sponsored by Civic and United organizations; Bob Russell, cleanup chairman.
On June 5, District Attorney Tom Mackell presented award to Broad Channel as one of the most law abiding communities in Queens.
In December, contest held for best decorated house at Christmas.
1968On April 29, Board of Estimate granted a 5-year lease extension on land in Broad Channel.
On April 30, the NYC Real Estate Commission refused to abide by Board of Estimate decision to extend land leases.
On October 1, fire damaged Christ Presbyterian Church: services held at St. Virgilius.
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1970On May 28, Crossbay Veterans Memorial Bridge opened.
1971?Weiss Restaurant closed.
1972On January 5, toll increased from 10 cents to 25 cents on the Crossbay Veterans Memorial Bridge.
On October 27, Congress authorized Gateway National Recreation Area; Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge included.
1973Special legislation passed by state permitting city to sell land to Broad Channel residents without public auction.
1975On September 1, toll increased from 25 cents to 50 cents on bridge to Rockaway.
1976Death of Meyer Weiss and restaurant closed(?).
On June 15, VFW Prince Wynn Post 260 moved to Broad Channel from Brooklyn.
1977On July 13, Blackout in NYC.
1979O'Sullivan's Pharmacy closed.
On May 22, medals and certificates presented by NYC Transit Authority to residents for rescue efforts in token booth fire that claimed two lives.
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1980O's Channel Pub opened.
On May 19, toll increased from 50 cents to 75 cents on Crossbay Veterans Memorial Bridge.
On November 12, the Prince Wynn Colonials Fife & Drum Corps was started by Pat Russo and Eileen Doherty.
1981On May 10, the New York Chapter of the American Littoral Society established headquarters in Broad Channel.
1982On April 19, toll increased from 75 cents to 90 cents on Crossbay Veterans Memorial Bridge.
On August 19, NYC Board of Estimate authorized land sale.
On September 13, first land sale!
United Community Organizations (UCO) of Broad Channel, Inc. founded.
On September 14, Mayor Edward Koch arrived by helicopter to present first deed.
1983On May 31, P.S. 47 dedicated as "Chris Galas School".
1984On May 19, Thomas Doyle ordained priest (Brooklyn Diocese).
On November 28, Congressman Joseph P. Addabbo attended the Civic Association Meeting.
1985On June 2, Water main broke on Crossbay Blvd. at 14th Road.
On September 27, Hurricane Gloria.
1986On January 2, toll increased from 90 cents to $1.00 on Crossbay Veterans Memorial Bridge.
On December 9, Gene Gray Park dedicated.
1988On August 10, Crossbay Blvd. paved following sewer installation.
On October 25, ground broken for new North Channel Bridge.
On November 13, the American Legion Auxiliary held a dinner for hospitalized veterans.
On December 10, first Annual Christmas Tree Lighting held.
On December 17, Con Ed transformer with PCB's exploded on 6th Road.
1989On April 10, public hearing held on proposed increase in tolls on Crossbay Veterans Memorial Bridge.
On May 2, Pat Tubridy was re-elected to Community School Board 27.
On May 20, Girl Scout Troop #4157 cleaned Gene Gray Park.
On July 16, toll increased from $1 to $1.25 on Crossbay Veterans Memorial Bridge.
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1990On March 18, St. Virgilius Church celebrated it 75th Anniversary.
On April 21, First Annual Earth Day Cleanup.
On May 12, Civic Association "adopted" subway station and started community garden.
On May 20, German Club held a pancake brunch.
On July 17, library dedicated.
1991On May 23, a public hearing was held on Councilmanic Redistricting following revision of NYC Charter; proposal to split Broad Channel into two districts.
On August 15, Justice Evans ruled in favor of Broad Channel in lawsuit for community to remain one City Council District.
1992On April 23, NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation attended Civic Association meeting on wetlands issue.
On April 28, sewer construction began on side streets.
On September 25, St. Virgilius School had an Alumni Reunion Dinner Dance.
On December 11, No Name Nor'easter hit, "Storm of the Century".
1993On Jan. 31, toll increased from $1.25 to $1.50 on Crossbay Veterans bridge.
On May 1, 17th Road Community Park was dedicated.
On June 27, Liturgy and reception held for retiring principal of St. Virgilius, Henrietta Bowden.
On July 6, Tidal Wetlands Voluntary Compliance Program signed with NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation.
1994On February 11, Kids "Puttin on the Hits".
On August 28, protestors marched against tolls on Veterans Memorial Bridge to Rockaway.
On Labor Day, candidate for governor, Senator George Pataki marched in Mardi Gras Parade.
On September 14, Monsignor Kieran Martin retired as pastor of St. Virgilius Church. Served from June, 1968.
On September 15, Fr. Charles White became the pastor of St. Virgilius Church.
On November 1, a modification was signed to the Broad Channel Tidal Wetlands Voluntary Compliance Program.
On November 9, long time City Councilman Walter Ward died.
1995On February 20, ground broken for Broad Channel Athletic Complex at old Broad Channel Day Camp.
On April 22, BCAC held parade and Opening Day Ceremonies at Athletic Complex.
On June 11, 1st Annual Historical Day held.
On June 14, Athletic Complex dedicated by NYC Parks.
On July 7, BCAC started volleyball.
On September 8, BCAC started hockey.
On September 9, BCAC brought back football.
On September 16, BCAC started girls soccer.
On October 5, retirement party held for P.S. 47 Principal Ann O'Keefe.
On October 14, BCAC held its 6th Annual Hall of Fame Dinner.
1996On February 24, the Broad Channel Volunteers, Inc., Fire Department and Ambulance Corps held its 89th Annual Installation Dance.
On March 24, toll increased from $1.50 to $1.75 on Crossbay Veterans Memorial Bridge.
On November 3, 2nd Annual Historical Day held.
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